Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's Christmas!

Christmas morning was so much fun. Dave and I layed in bed and waited and waited for the girls to get up. Finally at 9:00 we woke them up because we couldn't stand the wait anymore. They were so excited when they came down the stairs. Here are some pictures of the morning.

Playing with the gifts from Santa

Opening their first presents. Kate was so funny - with every gift she would squeal and get so excited as she opened it. Kira was a big helper as always.

Showing off their blankets

Kira in her new Snow White dressups (which she hasn't taken off since) and her new barbie dolls.

Daddy enjoying his new "gaming" chair while Kate plays with her kitchen stuff.

Mom showing off her "Friends" christmas - I love it!

Here are some pictures of Christmas night at Grandma Jane's.

Kate was so excited to open this and yelled "Shrek!" when she saw him. So funny!

Kira opening her markers and coloring book.

Kira and Anna getting money from Grandpa to fill up their new piggy banks!

Amy and Nate are getting along! It's a Christmas miracle!

Kate giving Grandpa Guy and huge bear hug!

Here are some pictures from our fun day with Grandma Linda and Aunt Ginger.
Kate with her new wand and playdough apron
Kira with her wand
The cute grandkids - Baby Vanessa, Kate, Kira and Linda

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

twas the night before christmas

twas the night before christmas and at the mecham house,
all the creatures were usual!
Our traditional dinner - roast beast, candles and all

Daddy reading christmas stories with kira listening intently while...

kate changes santa's diaper!

Showing off our new pj's

Mommy with her girls...can you tell that kira is done with the picture taking!

The children were ready to be nestled in their beds and santa's cookies are by the fireplace. Goodnight!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let it snow!

The girls had so much fun watching it snow. Here is Kira enjoying the first snowfall this season. Isn't her snowmound cute:)

Where's my sucker?

This was so funny. Kate is our sugar baby. She LOVES sugar and candy and sweets, etc. Well, one morning she found her halloween candy and got to it before I realized. I guess she kept losing her sucker, so she just had to get another one, and another one... Where could they have gone?

Kate is "2"!

Our little Kate just had her second birthday on December 11. She is really into "Shrek" right now and so we had a Shrek birthday party for her and she had so much fun! Actually I think that the terrible two's hit exactly on the very day she turned two because she was SO moody, but she finally got into it when we opened presents and had cake and ice cream. She even knew how to blow out the candles. Her favorite presents were the new tinkerbell and pony underwear, which she wears as bracelets, and the play cooking bowls and things. I'm hoping she'll start to make dinner for the family so I don't have to! She is getting so big and fun and jabbery, and we love her tons. Happy Birthday Kate!

My Little Taste Tester

So, I was downstairs for just a few minutes posting that first message, and I left Kira upstairs coloring for just a few minutes with my freshly made fudge - big mistake! I thought I had made it clear that it had to set for a few hours before we could take it to the neighbors, but when I got back to it here is what I found. All she could say was, "but mom, it looked so yummy and my tummy was so hungry:)" Oh, well. More for us to eat!

Hello everyone! I love blogging! My first attempt actually worked and now I am hooked. Thanks Caldwell girls for introducing it to us. I am just trying to figure it all out, so here is a picture of Kira and Kate. Bye for now.