Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shabby Straps

I just found the cutest cutest things and I KNOW there are some of you out there that would LOVE these. They are straps for your camera - any kind of camera and they are so cute. I am getting one for my sister and myself and wanted to share because I think everyone should have one:) Here is the website: . Go and check them out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jane Elise Designs

So, I have decided to start my own woodworking business. Some people (Dave, my family:)) think I'm a little, okay a lot, crazy, but it is something that I have been wanting to do and so I went for it. I have never made anything out of wood before so this is all baptism by fire, but I have a spot for consignment in the "Just Bee Scrap'n" store here in Brigham. I am starting out doing frames, because I love them and they seemed easy to learn on (BTW I was wrong about that) and here are some pictures of the ones that I have finished! I am so proud of myself! They actually worked and are cute. Now we'll see if I can sell any:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dave's 32 birthday!

July 10 was Dave's 32nd Birthday!! Yeah!! And me, the attentive wife that I am, put a 31 on top of the birthday cake...what a DUH moment! Oh well. We still had fun. The night before Dave and I got to go out, by ourselves - that was the best part for me - to have dinner and see TRANSFORMERS. It was so fun. So the next day we had a TRANSFORMERS birthday party for Dave with his yummy German Chocolate cake and a new Ipod to download all his 80's music too. He was so excited. Here are some pics.

Here are the girls, well I just got Kate in the pic, doing a balloon dance for their dad. They were SO SO SO excited for his birthday.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weight Loss Blog

I have been debating wether to track my weightloss online or not. One reason not to is because I don't know if you all would even want to read about it, and another reason is that it could be very embarrasing. But it could also be very motivational. So, with that in mind, I have created a new blog called "belly laughs" where I can track my weightloss journey without clogging up this blog with things you may not want to read about. Also, if I know that someone might be looking at my "belly laughs" blog, then I think it will motivate me to actually exercise, eat right and loose some weight. So, if you want to follow me in this crazy journey, the address is Here goes nothing.