Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tag I'm It...again:)

So I'm "IT" again. This time it's a fun, random tag and here are the rules:
Link the person that tagged you, mention these rules on your blog, tell 6 quirks about yourself and tag 6 fellow bloggers.
I think it sounds fun so here goes nothing...

1. I love to sing and I am horrible at it! I will sing at the top of my lungs in the shower, car, around the house, to Dave (which he loves, by the way!), and while dancing with my kids in the living room, but I really am tone deaf and cannot sing to save my life. I can pretend though!

2. I HATE wearing shoes. They are so confining and I can never find anything I like at the store that I would even want to buy. I guess my feet are like my personality - I'm free spirited and so are they. I love to be barefoot. My choice of shoe, if I have to wear them, are flip-flops. Even in the winter. The funny thing is that when it's cold I do like to cuddle my feet up in socks. Go figure.

3. I am afraid of things coming to get me from under my bed. I am serious! I love to read murder mysteries and sometimes I let my imagination get the best of me. I can just feel someone's cold, white hand creeping up the side of my bed and coming to grab me...I'm getting the chills right now just thinking about it. I jump into the middle of the bed and I have to fall asleep with my face towards the outside of the bed so I can see what is coming. Dave loves this about me too:), especially when he is already asleep.

4. I love the smell of new children's books. That new plastic-y smell is like christmas morning. I just shove them up to my nose and sniff away.

5. I've tried to get rid of my freckles by rubbing lemon juice all over them. I read it in a book somewhere when I was a teenager and figured it couldn't hurt, right? All it did is make me smell like a lemon. Duh, I should have seen that one coming.

6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday!!! It is my favorite day of the year and it has to be perfect. My idea of perfect is different every year, so that makes it easy on everyone else, especially Dave, ha ha. No, I'm not totally unreasonable, there is some wiggle room, but I just love it so much that it has to be my special day. I even watch the clock every day and if I see it at 9:26am or pm, I tell myself that it's my birthday. I've stopped telling everyone else because they all think it is so crazy, but I just blew that one because I told all of you. Oh, well. (I realize that this one is A LOT quirky, but that is why it's on this list!)

So here are my 6 people that I tag...Jenny Hansen (yes, again), Julie Mulcock, Katie Thalman, Jodi Powelson, Amber Morris, Sarah Mickelson and Bethany Baker. Okay that is 7. I just want to know all about all of you.

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Jenny said...

Oh Megan! I just laughed myself silly. You are a silly old thing, aren't you? (Yes, I can say old because right now you are 2 years older than me...at least until February.) But really, the things you listed are exactly why I love you so much. And because I love you so much, I will.......UPDATE MY BLOG....this week...er...at least sometime soon!