Friday, July 17, 2009

Dave's 32 birthday!

July 10 was Dave's 32nd Birthday!! Yeah!! And me, the attentive wife that I am, put a 31 on top of the birthday cake...what a DUH moment! Oh well. We still had fun. The night before Dave and I got to go out, by ourselves - that was the best part for me - to have dinner and see TRANSFORMERS. It was so fun. So the next day we had a TRANSFORMERS birthday party for Dave with his yummy German Chocolate cake and a new Ipod to download all his 80's music too. He was so excited. Here are some pics.

Here are the girls, well I just got Kate in the pic, doing a balloon dance for their dad. They were SO SO SO excited for his birthday.

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Walters Family said...

Happy, happy Birthday, Dave!!!! Wow 32! Hmmmmm.... kind of getting up there, eh? j/k... I have NO room to talk! Hope you had a great day!!