Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Disney Trip 2010!

Santa was so nice this year to send us to Disneyland and we had a GREAT time!! Here are some favorites from the trip.

Bryce trying to come with us:)
Disneyland!!! We made it!!!

Kira's purple carousel horse - she picked it out special:)

It's a Small World all lighted up.
Meeting the new Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from the Princess and the Frog!

Adoring eyes for her sissy!
We survived the Tower of Terror!

Playing in the water at A Bug's Life on a hot winter day:)

Meeting her favorite princess - Ariel was so beautiful!

Swimming and cuddling with daddy.
Hanging out by the pool:)
Putting our smiles back on even when our feet where sore!
Waiting for the parade down mainstreet.
A favorite ride!
Daddy on the Carousel. He had a blast for his first time at Disneyland!
Looking out for briar rabbit - where could he be?

Posing in the "A" at California Adventure
Fireworks the last night and.....

Seeing Bryce again at the airport - we missed him lots! What a fun trip!


Krista said...

I know I have been to Disneyland a million times but I am still jealous! Did Dave find it as grand as he had hoped it would be? Looks like you guys had a total blast.

Jenny said...

Those are the cutest pictures! I love the one of you and Kate and putting your smiles on and the one of Kate looking for Brer Rabbit. SO cute!! So glad you had fun. This makes me get major Spring Fever. (Thanks a lot!) :)