Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's just wouldn't be Valentine's without a sweet gift from Grandma Jane and Grandpa Guy, and this year was no exception. Today we got a "semi" visit from them - we have been very sick at our house with ear infections, fevers and coughs, so they just stayed on the front porch - but what a better way to celebrate a sick week than with a special visit and valentine treat. We got some cute shirts... (Kate loves her BEE shirt)

Some fun treats and an adorable book,

and a special treat from grandpa - STRAWBERRIES!!! He sure knows what we like:)
My favortie thing though was when Kira said "Grandma really loves us:)" Yes she does! And we know you do too Grandpa.

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Julie Mulcock said...

So fun! What fun parents you have! Sorry to hear that you have been sick, though.