Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snow Day Fun

It has been so cold and snowy lately that it feels like we have been stuck inside forever. So today we decided to have some fun at the Living Planet Aquarium. Here are some of our fun pictures.
It's Bruce! This is the first fish we saw when we walked in.
Kira was so excited, and so was Kate as she jumped into my arms and said, "SCARY!"
First was the "Utah" fish section. Here are some rainbow trout -
this picture is for you Grandpa Guy.
Kate is looking at the scum and fish from the Great Salt Lake.
Now for the really cool stuff.
Here is Kira next to are some Upside Down Jelly Fish.
These are some neat pictures of the Moon Jelly fish.
The colored lights make them so pretty.
Kira loved the Octopus. Before we left home she packed a bag so that she could go and live with the Octopus, but then she thought it might be too scary!
She is so funny.
The seahorses were my favorite. They were so tiny and cute.

I love this picture of Kate looking up at Nemo and Dory. She was so fascinated by them.

Here we are petting the sting rays. This girls thought this was really fun.

Kate loved just splashing in the water.

Kira really liked the sharks. Especially the Leopard Sharks.

Kate playing peek-a-boo with the fishies.
After the Aquarium we had lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese's. It was lots of fun and the girls had a great time playing on the rides. What a fun family snow day!

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