Sunday, July 27, 2008

24th of July Weekend Fun

We had such a fun 24th of July weekend. We spent 3 amazing days at Bear Lake with the extended Morris side of the family - who I absolutley love - where we swam and boated and visited with cousins I hadn't seen in a very long time. Kira and Kate had their first boat and jet ski rides and they LOVED playing in the water. Then we finished the weekend at the Demolition Derby in Heber with the Mecham side of the family - who I absolutley love as well:) - where we played with other cousins and saw one of the best derbies ever with huge hits and fires and even a truck knocking over another truck. It was so fun. Here are some of my favorite pics of Bear Lake.
Looking for sea shells.
I have a thing about feet in the sand and water. I think it looks so cool. Here are Bryce's and then mine.

Aunt Amy, Uncle Ryan and Gpa Guy.
Grandma Jane and Lilly.
Brycie loved the water and the sand.

Amy and Kate.
Cousin Tess was so cute with our kids. Here she is with Kira and Anna on the boat.


Katie Jane said...

That looked like a blast...and a great way to vent. Although, I liked the first way best. ;)

Walters Family said...

How fun!! It looks like it would be a blast! You so such fun things with your little family. I bet it helped to get away with new stresses of saleing a house, moving, etc!