Saturday, July 19, 2008


Just an update for all of you who are waiting, and all of you who aren't...Dave got the job in Brigham City!!! Yeah!!!! It's taken 4 months of not-so-patient waiting and we are so excited. My feelings are a little mixed because I am so excited to have a new adventure and a new home, etc. but I am going to miss the friends and neighbors we have in Tooele so much. We've met so many amazing people and it is going to be hard to leave, but in the same breath I'm just so proud of Dave and so excited for our family. So there is our good news and that's what's going on with our family. So now it's Brigham City or bust, but first we have to sell our house in Tooele, so if you know anyone who wants to live here...let us know.


Mickelson Family said...

We just drove through B.C. today and what a pretty place to live. We wish you guys the best.

Krista said...

My sister lives in BC and loves it! I'll have to introduce you guys. She has two little girls about Kira and Kate's ages. Congrats Dave!

Katie Jane said...

That is so great! What is he going to do up there? I know the cutest family that lives there! It's crazy sometimes where life takes you, but I am glad you are still in UTah!

Allen Family said...

Congrats!!! You are a little closer to us now! Let us know if / when we can help, we can get the Mickelsons, and Walkers to come down to help!
Eric Allen