Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update Time

Here's a little update of our family. We have had so much going on over the last few weeks, one of which is getting used to dial-up internet, which I hate because it takes forever to blog, and so this will be short. Bryce is now 9 months (pics to come later) and we have made the big move. We are getting all settled in to our new house and meeting all of our new neighbors and I can just say that change is really hard and we miss our old home and neighbors SO MUCH!!! but we are doing well and are all adjusting okay and are getting used to our new home. The hard part is going through all of the boxes and finding places for all of our stupid stuff. I think I will be making lots of DI runs because I am SICK TO DEATH of so much stuff. We have painted Kira's room and are moving on to Kate's next. I am excited to be able to decorate and find new places for pictures and things. That part has been so fun. Well, that's us in a nutshell. I'll update more later, but for now that's all.


Mickelson Family said...

Hey you! I have been waiting for the big update. You guys will have to give us your new info so we can stop by sometime and see you.

Jenny said...

How exciting, Meg!! I hope you are settling in and I know you are making your house so CUTE with your decorating skills! I can't wait to see pictures of it! I heard Thanksgiving was a blast of fun with you guys. I wish we were there for it. Oh well. I'm excited to see you VERY SOON!!! Yay!!! Congrats on the move!!!