Friday, December 19, 2008

Kate's 3!!!

Kate turned three last week and we had a fun piglet party for her. There were pink balloons and a pink cake with pink sprinkles and pink candles. The big thing for her birthday was her new bike. She had so much fun riding around the block and I couldn't believe that she could still ride a bike in the middle of December, but that's all done now thanks to mother nature and all this snow! So much fun!

Some fun things about Kate:
*She LOVES makeup and anything to do with dressing up
*She is always following Kira around doing everything her big sister does
*She is miss independent and loves to boss people around
*She can throw the biggest fits of anyone I know if you don't do things her way or "right NOW" as she likes to yell
*She has the sweetest smile and such a tender heart when she wants to
*She is a little version of Dave, teasing everyone mercilessly and loving every minute of it
*She has a HUGE sweet tooth and can often be found hiding in the pantry getting into the latest candy or treat I have bought

She is such a cutie and we love her tons! Happy Birthday Kate!


Walters Family said...

Wow! Happy Birthday, Kate! What a fun party... pink EVERYTHING!! She sure sounds "all girl"!! I can't believe how time has flown and your family is growing up.

JodiP said...

I can't believe she's 3! Oh how I miss you guys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE!

Marissa said...

Hey I found your blog when I was looking at Jodi's! I hope you don't mind.. Your blog is so stinking cute! I need you to give me a lesson in digital scrapbooking! I'm not kidding.. I've been trying to do a couple of things but I just started and I'm an idiot! Hope you guys are doing well! Sophie says, "Happy Birthday Kate."
Marissa Van Noy