Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Time!

Easter Morning was so much fun this year. Kira was really into it and our little sweet tooth Kate was SO EXCITED for the candy. Bryce didn't really know anything was going on, but it was fun for us to share his first Easter with him. Here is Kira's haul!
Once Kate found an egg we could not get her to look for any more until she had opened it and eaten the candy. She still didn't quite get the whole concept of the more eggs you get, the more candy you get, so Kira got most of the eggs...
but then she shared with Kate. She is such a good sharing girl:)
Kira with her new jumprope and barbie mariposa watch.
Bryce with his first Easter bunny and a rattle. He looks so excited don't you think!
One of my favorite Easter traditions is picking our Easter dresses for the girls. I love having them match and I love this picture of them looking so cute and all smiles.
I tried to match the "spring green" of the girls dresses with Bryce's outfit. He looked so Eastery!
Kira loving on Bryce.
Here are the girls showing off how big their dresses twirl, they were having so much fun in their new dresses.
I had to put this picture in because it is classic Kate. She is one moody girl. I had just asked if she wanted more candy or something and this is the look I got. It is a look I get often:)
All the girl cousins in their "Spring Green" Easter dresses. Lilly, Anna, Kate and Kira. They look so cute.
We threw Bryce into the mix and they all looked so cute.
Easter Egg Hunt in Grandma Jane's backyard. Kira and Anna - ready, set, go!
Anna finding grandma's expertly hidden eggs.
Kate showing off her Easter eggs.
Me, Mom and Bryce.
Little Lilly, trying her best to keep up with the bigger kids.
Kira decided that she wanted to plant her Easter eggs in grandma's flower pot. I think she thought she could grow more candy:)
Grandpa guy, assuming his usual sleepy position.
All the girls jumping on the trampoline. What a fun Easter!

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Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

OH! What a fun time! Cute, cute, dresses and kids! I love how their personalities come out. SO FUN!