Saturday, March 29, 2008

Random Pictures

I have all of these pictures that don't really go with anything else but that I think are cute. Here is Kira getting ready for her first sleepover at her friend Jaycee's house. She was SOOO excited.

Here is a picture that Kira painted to learn about symmetry at preschool and these are little playdough people that mommy and Kira made together. There is a princess, prince and two turtles.Here is Bryce just hanging out in his bouncer. I caught him between crying spells.
Here is a piece of the cadbury egg wrapper that I accidentally dropped on Bryce's head as I tried open it and bounce him to sleep in his snuggli at the same time. I really needed some chocolate!Kira and Kate set up camp in the coat/vacuum closet. They were pretending it was their bedroom. Nothing ever stays in it's rightful place in the house with these two on the loose.
And finally...this was one of my favorite gifts we got when Bryce was born. They are "Pee-Pee Teepee's for the sprinkling wee-wee:) I laughed for days when I saw them and I think they are so clever. They work too!


Krista said...

Your kids are adorable!!! I'm glad I have another blogging buddy now!

Jenny said...

Oh Meg. Too funny. Love the teepee. I think Scamp could use one of those! And I love that Bryce is wearing your leftover wrapper, although I'm quite surprised it wasn't a stale Peep crumb instead.