Friday, March 7, 2008

And then there were three...

Hi. Well I am just starting the night shift of being mommy to a newborn so I thought I'd update the old blog with some new pics of the family. I know I haven't written for a while, but life has been a little crazy around our house latley. So far having three kids isn't that different than having two kids except for the absolutley ZERO hours of sleep I get each night, and the fact that I now have three little things attached to me every second of the day, which makes mommy a little bit crazy and cranky. But other than that we are having so much fun with our new little bryce-ster. Kira and Kate constantly want to hold him and squeeze him and kiss him, so I am busy making sure he can still breath after being smothered by his two loving big sisters! They really are having a lot of fun with "mine brodder" as Kate would say.

Here is Bryce at two weeks old. He's so cute I could just eat him up!
This is just after his first real tubby.
Here is poor Bryce trying to survive his loving sisters.
Kira is such a good big sister and is so happy to help with the baby.The girls really can't get enough of Bryce. They made beds by his bouncer so that they could stay close to him.
Here are some pics of us enjoying the sunshine. It was such nice weather we just had to play outside. Kira made a table, chair and a yummy dinner of sticks grass and snow for herself.
Kate had fun pushing her bike around the driveway.
Playing on the fence - so cute:)
I guess it's good we enjoyed the sun, because the next day it snowed! Go figure.
Here is Bryce and his daddy.
These are just more pics of Bryce.
This is my favorite face that he makes. He puckers his lips or puts them in an "O" shape and just stares at you (or sleeps:))


Jenny said...

Oh, Meg, he is so darn cute! He looks like a good mix of you and Dave. Maybe you should have named him Degan or Mave...then again, I think Bryce is just perfect. I can't wait to hold him. Kira and Kate are getting so big. We miss you guys!

Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

I found your blog! Of course, it is very cute in true Megan style! And your kids are very cute too (in true Megan style). I'll add you to my favorite links!

P.S. I want to squeeze Bryce! What a cutie!

Katie Jane said...

I just found your blog as well! I got if off Jenny's after hearing it was soo cute from ANg and my mom. Your kids are darling. And good job on doing the three kid thing. He looks so sweet! You digital scrapbook? We need to talk.