Wednesday, February 4, 2009

C.H.E.E.S.E. Spells Disaster

Here is another anecdote to add to my rather long list. So, the very first thing that I am asked to do in our new ward is to bring cheese fondue to the ward enrichment night. A night of many delicious caramel, coconut, chocolate, alfredo and peanut butter fondues with so many yummy treats. So I make my fondue and I am on my way to the ward, driving V E R Y S L O W L Y so as not to spill one drop, when all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, the entire crockpot full of cheesy delight falls over and spills into a cheesy lake all over the floor of Dave's car! Can you believe this! Well, if you know me then "yes you can" because stuff like this happens to me All The Time:). I don't know why. Dave says that I have a talent for it. So here is the 'after' picture of the pot. Can you see the hair and gray spots in it from where I scraped it out of the bottom of the car? So gross. I wish I had a picture of the inside of the car, but the camera ran out of batteries. So there is my story of the day. Laugh all you want, because I am doing the same thing:)


Mickelson Family said...

Oh No. I have done the same thing. I spilled brocolli cheese soup in the van. We went to the car wash and hosed out the soup. I now have a crock pot that the lid can be hooked closed. BTW if you go to the car wash to hose out the the water to squirt out instead of in.

Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

So sorry. The sad thing is, I like cheese fondue so much I probably would still have eaten it (after painstakingly plucking all the fibers out). Better luck next time!