Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Fun

We had such a fun Valentines this year. I love this holiday and thought we'd try some new things this year. In the morning we made sugar cookies (the store bought, already made and cut into shapes kind:)) and the girls decided to wear pullups on their heads just for the fun of it. Then we just played all day and waited for our fun valentines dinner of heart shaped waffles and strawberries. They were so yummy and a surprise visit from some of our friends from Idaho made them even better. Because we had some unexpected, but welcome, visitors last night, we postponed the rest of our valentines until today.

So after church we finished our celebration with some fun chocolate fondue and several rousing rounds of valentines bingo! What fun! I think that these fun new traditions will be showing up again next year.

Here is a copy of the bingo card I made. I used the digital scrapbooking kit called Smitten, from and then I used a template from . Then I printed them off as 5x7 photos at Walmart and Voouala! We used red, pink and white m&m's as the bingo pieces and the kids LOVED it. Hope you had a Happy Valentines!

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