Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Please Help Me!

I need help with a decision (big surprise:)). I just painted my whole upstairs this awesome shade of brown and I LOVE how it turned out. But, as I finished the walls, I had some more paint and thought that it I would paint the ceiling. Well, I ran out of paint and now I can't decide if I should go and get more brown to finish the ceiling, or if I should get white paint and paint the ceiling back to the way it was. I like the brown but I am afraid that it will be too dark. i just don't know what to do. I have a friend who has brown on her ceiling and I think it looks nice, but her house is pretty dark inside - but her brown is a little bit darker than mine. I took some pictures to help you form an opinion so that you can help me. (Here is my other helper - an apple and a chair and he let me paint for 3 hours. Who knew an apple could be a GREAT babysitter!)
The house before.
The same room after, without the ceiling painted.
Here is where I ran out of paint and you can see about how dark it is compared to the white.
Here is the room which is painted, ceiling and all, but here's the catch with this room...it is always dark already, even without paint, so it doesn't really help me to decide about the darkness factor. So PLEASE HELP ME to decided. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
Oh, yeah. Here is the cutest cake ever that my sister in law, Amber, made for Easter and her own birthday! It is a sunflower and it's made with peeps and chocolate chips in the middle. I just had to show everyone and tell her how cute it was. And so yummy:)


Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

I love the color! So so cute. Do you know I've never painted ANYTHING in my life? I need some lessons. About the ceiling. I like white ceilings better. And about the weight-loss buddy, I don't know how to set it up, I still want to do it. Any ideas on how we can best motivate each other?

Amber said...

ohhhhhh i think i like the dark ceilings! I've always been a fan of white, but i've seen lots of darker ceilings and loved them! Just been too chicken to do it myself! I really like the paint colors! Good Job!!

Marissa said...

We painted our house almost that same color... at least it looks like it from the pictures and our ceilings are white but I like the dark!! I think you should do it dark! I would paint ours but I hate painting ceilings! Looks great Megan!!

Jenny said...

Well, I hate to be the tie-maker, but I like white ceilings like Julie. But here in Kansas we don't know the latest styles. (A lot of "new" houses around here still have the popcorn ceiling.) Good luck, Meg! I know you'll make a good decision. You always do. -Ben

Katie Jane said...

I hate giving my opinion because I don't know what I am talking about, but your title said, "please!" so I am humoring myself by "helping" ;) I would go white...and I am not just saying that 'cause my sisters said that. I was going to say that before I read their comments. However, both would look good! Good luck. Love your decor. You have such cute taste!

Walters Family said...

I really like the white ceiling as it matches the trim. It looks elegant with the white... but then... what do I know... I just could be more traditional... but I like the white better... for what it is worth.