Friday, April 3, 2009

Cute Finds

I have two things that I wanted to share...the first is this cute book of "Kate's Colors" that I made for Kate to learn her colors. Giving credit where credit is due, I got the idea from Little Wonders, which is one of my favorites for cute ideas and things. Hers turned out so cute and I just tried my best to recreate it. Each picture has part of Kate in it (i just used pics i already had), and the color. Then I put each picuture in a little 4x6 album so she can flip through it and learn. I think that it turned out so so cute and Kate LOVES it. I didn't want to post them all so here are some of my favorites.
My second thing is that one of my favorite digital scrapbooking sites, GG Digital Designs, is having a celebration for their 2nd birthday and they are giving away all of these cute freebies on a "blog-train" that you can follow on their blog or on the Little Wonders blog (link at the top of this page). Here is what I did with one of my freebies. They had the layout done and I just added the picture and text.

Then, I thought the kit was so cute that I bought it, and made this second layout to go with the first. They are both of Bryce's first birthday and I love how they turned out. So go check these things out if you are interested. There are so many cute creative things, and people, out there to be inspired by:).


Amber said...

SO CUTE! Really you just amaze me! Love that color book! I need one for Lilly!! What a cute and fun idea! LOVE IT!!!

Jenny said...

Meg, can you come be my kids' mom for a day? You do the cutest things with your kids - I think mine are deprived!