Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Old Pickup Truck Girl

Last night we went to see Taylor Swift, aka "Stupid Old Pickup Truck Girl" - Kira LOVES that song - and was so excited to go and see Taylor in concert. She put on an amazing show and we had tons of fun - except for Kira's meltdown at the beginning:) Here are Kira and daddy.
Here is Miss Swift and the band

Taylor on the big screen - what a fun setup she had.
Posing in front of her tour buses.


Krissa said...

How fun! I am so jealous...she is sold out here :(
That is awesome!!!

Mickelson Family said...

OH my my! I have to show this to Sugar she will be SO jealous. We wanted to go to that concert so bad! Sugar is a HUGE fan and she knows that truck song is Kira's fav so when we hear it she tells me. I got Sugar a Hannah Montana MP3 player and it has many Taylor songs on it!

Walters Family said...

AWESOME! I love Taylor Swift! How fun!