Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mother's Day Books

We were finally able to visit both my mom and Dave's mom and wish them a Happy Mother's Day, so now I can blog about our gift to them because they have now seen it and I didn't want to spoil the surprise. These were so fun to make. They are chipboard books from mayaroad that come with their own box holder. Mayaroad has tons of fun things that you can makeover like board books and other things. (Also, I got this idea from a girl on tipjunkie). I just measured the boards and then digital scraped them with each of our pictures on them. I used a kit called "where the heart is" from GGdigitaldesigns.

Then on the backs of each picture I put some things that each of us loves about each grandma. It was fun to get the kids to think about what they loved about grandma. It was just a fun project to make and give.


Walters Family said...

Can I just say that you are SUPER talented?!!! And that is not even exaggerating it. I wish I could just come over and make crafts with you to get all sorts of ideas. You are so talented! (I am trying to get Krissa to take a road trip with her brand new car!)

Krissa said...

haha...I am going to echo my mom's comment, You are super talented. I love seeing what you do and getting ideas from it. It turned out great!

Jenny said...

All I want to know is when are you opening your business where I can buy one of these?