Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lots of "firsts" at the Hogle Zoo

We are a zoo loving family, so we come here a lot, but yesterday was filled with a whole bunch of "firsts" as we explored the zoo.

First #1. Kira is happy and not whining:)
First #2. We got to see the baby monkey and he came up really close to us to eat the leaves on the other side of the cage. It was so cute.
Then momma monkey came over to supervise.
First #3. Kira got to hold a real elephant tusk. It was really heavy and she was excited.
First #4. The sloth was awake and I saw his face. He's usually asleep so I was excited to actually see him moving around.
First #5. The new carousel is open and Dave and Kira took a ride on it. Kira rode on the snake...
and Dave rode on the Jaguar. They were cute having some daddy/daughter time.
First #6. Finally behind bars! Dave took this opportunity to catch our "dangerous animals" in action:)
First #7. We got to see the cute baby giraffe.
First #8. Bryce actually woke up for a little while to enjoy the zoo. We had such a fun day.


Timani said...

Found your blog from Jodi's. Cracks me up that Kira chose the snake. My friend's son chose the snake also and when getting off for curiosities sake she read the plaque under it and was very much surprised that her grandpa's name is on that plaque.

Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

Did you know that we live about 10 seconds from the zoo? Well, more than that, but we live close, so please stop by next time you are in the area! We need to get together anyway!