Friday, June 6, 2008

Arches National Park

Our family went with some of our friends to Moab and Arches National Park these past several days and it was so much fun. We had a great time playing and seeing all of the beautiful scenery. We started by staying the first night in Wellington, and here is Bryce taking his very first swim!

I had to include this picture of the best bed head ever! This was after our first night staying in arches and Kira 's hair was EVERYWHERE and even had roasted starburst in it. Fun for mom to get out!
These are some of the beautiful rock formations we saw when we first drove into the park. The first one is the Three Gossips and the next one is just one I think looks cool.
The first (and only) hike we went on was to Delicate Arch. It was a fun hike, a little hard with kids, but they enjoyed it too. Here are Angie, Kate, Kira and Jaycee holding hands and hiking up the trail.
Bryce has the life! Too bad you can't enjoy all the perks of being a baby when you are a baby. He just got to ride along and enjoy it all. He even took a little nap on the way to the top.
Daddy and Kate hiked together most of the time. They are best buddies.
Kate taking a break from all the strenuous shoulder riding.
We finally made it to Delicate Arch when a downpour of rain started, so we only stayed for about 1 minute. (Long enough to get a picture!) We were disappointed that we didn't get to stay longer but with the wind and the rain being so strong, we had to get the kids down pretty quick.
Delicate Arch ended up being the only hike we all went on because the rest of the trip looked like this. Rain, rain, and more rain. It never stopped and with the sand and the wind it made it pretty miserable.
Enjoying the view from the car at our campsite.The next morning we were all cold and damp, but it was still fun. The kids slept great the whole time and they loved sitting by the fire in the sprinkling rain.
The guys!
After staying the night in the rain, we decided to pack up early and go back to the hotel in Wellington for our last night. Here is Dave and Kate on a quick hike to the "Windows" area of Arches. Dave was really bummed we didn't get to do more hiking, so he took this opportunity to get in a little extra one.

Even with all the rain and the changes in plans we ended up having the best time and made some great memories. We will definantly be going back!


Walters Family said...

How fun!!! You are braver than I was with young kids. The scenery is absolutely beautiful! What a fun family time. Thanks for sharing!

Nate said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Btw yes this is your favorite youngest brother. I got a blogspot yet i am very confused. Yours is cool and mine is well.. well you can see. haha