Friday, June 13, 2008

Rainy Day / Sunny Day Fun

Our weather in Utah just amazes me. One day it is sunny, then snows. The next it rains and is sunny again. Who ever knows what to plan for, but here are some things that we did, one on a rainy day and one in the sun.

Rainy Day
Thanks to Dave's cute cousin Amy we had a great idea and a great playdough recipe:) We spent about an hour (which in child attention span time is like an eternity) and just played playdough and made food. It was so fun. Kate made cookies...
and I helped Kira make a "cherry" pie which turned out really cute.

Durning all of this, I, Megan, made banana bread. Yes, folks. You read right. I made banana bread. For those of you who know me best, you know that I am really very scared of bananas. I can't explain the phenomenon behind this, but I just am scared of them. So for me to peel a banana, let alone a brown, squishy, smelly banana and then mash it up to make banana bread is a big accomplishment for me. I was so proud! I must love my family lots because they are the reason for my breakthrough:). I'm even told it tasted good.

Sunny Day
Today it has been so sunny and hot so we did the pool and water balloons. Here is Kira and her friend Jaycee.
Kate getting ready to throw one. I love her "I'm about to do something evil smile":)
the balloons floating in the water looked cool.
Armfuls of water balloons to throw in the street - we have to get them all now or someone else will take them before we can run back!
Throwing them was Kira's favorite part.
Here's one in the air.
And here's the street after we were all done. Lots of fun on a hot day.


Shauna said...

Your girls are all so pretty! You guys look like you are having a fun summer so far!
Love ya!
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Sarah said...

I can't believe my eyes...banana bread?! I remember sneaking a banana in the cupboard just to see how long it would take you to find it. Ha ha!

Jenny said...

That cherry pie looks DE-licious! Almost as delicious as your banana bread. Maybe someday you can even work up to taking the garbage out that has a banana peel in it! That's right. I still remember walking the 2 flights of stairs, all the way across the 2 mile parking lot to the dumpster just because SOMEbody couldn't come near a banana. WELL!