Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi Dad:)

Hey Dave! Yes, our daddy has finally left us to go work in Brigham City and we miss him tons, so these pics are for you babe, to see what is going on at home. We love you lots. Love, us.
Kate eating raisins.
Here is Brycester lounging in his stroller.
Kira jumped in on the action too!
Here is the one of you and Bryce watching football. I know how you love his PINK bumbo:) And this is just a reminder that my birthday is on the 26th - I wouldn't want you to forget:)

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Allen said...

Hey guys, I know how it is away from the family to work. I did it for awhile myself! Dave if you need some company during the week we can meet up I can come down from Hyrum or you can come up and watch some football with me!!!