Friday, September 26, 2008

My 30th Birthday

It's my 30th birthday!!! I wish I had a picture from my first real birthday to today, but I don't, so oh well. I am so excited to be 30. I thought it might be wierd, but it's not:) What a fun day. I watched my favorite movie this morning, got a shower before noon, gave myself a pedicure, had a visit from a good friend (jodi:)) who gave me my favorite body butter and some chocolate - yum, and had phone calls from friends and family. Then we met Dave and had dinner at Chili's and just hung out as a family. What could be better? Oh yeah, NYC is tomorrow! Now that just about is the best birthday ever. Yea! 30 is great!


Mickelson Family said...

Happy Birthday, Megan!

I hope you enjoy your trip to NYC. You guys need to hurry and move up here closer because Sugar can't wait to have a playdate. She loves checking out your blog with me.

Mark and Bethany said...

Happy late Birthday Megan!!!
Your blog is so cute! It is so fun to see pictures of Bryce since I haven't seen him in person yet. Maybe I can see him for real at Christmas. :) Have fun in New York!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I meant to call you and even thought about it at 8am, but I didn't think you would want a call at 6am your time. Then I forgot the rest of the day. Sorry. I hope you had a great time in NYC. It is a great place to visit.

P.S. You are soooo old!