Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Bike

So Kira wanted a new bike for her birthday, which is in January with snow and cold, so we decided to get her one early and surprise her. She was so excited to get her brand new Barbie bike! She rode it around all night last night and had to show all of her friends. She is really good and hasn't even fallen off once (of course there ARE training wheels so you can see why) but she is really proud that she has been able to stay on. She keeps telling me how she LOVES her new bike and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am jealous of the bike because it is SO SO cute. With pink and purple and flowers everywhere, even ON the wheels and IN the wheels and on the TRAINING wheels and there are tassels on the handles. I would've given my right knee cap to have a bike like this when I was little. She is so cute on it so I had to share.

Here is one of Bryce and his first taste of sweet potatoes. He really liked them, but then he wouldn't smile for me.
This was just cute of Kate, and Kira took the picture, so I thought daddy would like to see it.


Mickelson Family said...

If you give your knee caps away then you would not be able to ride a cute bike like that.
I can't believe how big she is on her bike. Sugar is still happy with her 3 wheeler bike and she just barely started reaching the pedals.

Jenny said...

So cute, Meg! You have the cutest kids!! And what a fun bike. Sorry that Dave had to leave. Hope you sell your house fast so you can scope out the best hangouts for moms. That way if/WHEN we join you up north, we can make a tape of us going to all the hangouts together and then laugh about them years later when we're in a nursing home together...except THIS time why don't you keep your half of the room clean? At least then my mess won't intermingle with yours. Geez!

Jenny said...

And by the way, I just can't quite remember the day of your birthday... But for some reason I have nightmares about the time being 9:26 on the microwave and all of a sudden I jump awake, like someone just screamed out something to do with the most important day of the year. Yeah, weird, huh?