Monday, September 1, 2008

A Weekend Away

This weekend we went to the cabin and it was so fun to just get away. We hiked and ate yummy food and watched movies and scrapbooked and just relaxed. I missed some amazing picture opportunities on the hike when the girls were playing with grandpa guy in the river, but here are some fun ones.
Kira showing off how many oreos she ate. Her "fort" is in the background.
Kate showing me her oreo.
Kate with grandma's ruined tape measure that Kira just had to "wash" in a bucket of water.
I think this arm guard off of the chair is suppposed to be hair, but she looked like a nun to me:)

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Jenny said...

Oh, this makes me miss the cabin and you guys a lot! Looks like fun. Glad to see Kate's lip is back to normal. I'm with Kira on the oreos (yum!) and the arm guard is a pretty good disguise, but she should really try a bucket :).