Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Potty Training Troubles

I don't know what has happened since I took this picture, but Kate has completely regressed in her potty training progress. I have even put her back in diapers because I am so so so tired of cleaning up poopy messes and pee on everything. If any of you have any suggestions about what to do or how to potty train a little 3 year old PLEASE tell me! I need some help! Maybe she just isn't ready and I need to wait longer. I don't know. HELP!


Marissa said...

I feel your pain!! Sophie is turning 3 next month and we are potty training right now. We have the Elmo potty movie and I also bought a book for her that has a "potty chart" in it. She puts a sticker on it every time she goes and it has worked like a charm. She still wears a diaper at night and when we leave the house because she refuses to use the "big potty"!! Don't stress... she'll do it when she's ready! By the way, I added your blog to mine so I can see when you update because I love your posts! I hope that's ok!
Marissa Van Noy

Amber said...

oh megs! I know how frustrating this can be! I so wish there were a magic pill to give these kids!! They are all different and you never know when they are ready or what it takes for them to be motivated to do it! Lilly it was smarties after several failed attempts. I would have NEVER guessed that. Wish i could help you! I really do! But i don't know what the secret is!! :(