Thursday, April 3, 2008

Princesses on Ice!

This is a blog long overdue and I have a minute so I thought I'd share. On March 13 we all went to see Disney Princesses on Ice and we had so much fun! Dave was very excited to take the girls and they were so excited to be there. Kira even dressed up like Snow White, but oddly Kate didn't want to dress up that night. Oh well, she's still our little princess.

Here is my pouting girl. (I actually think she inherited this wonderful quality from me:) I hear I am pretty good at this, but I don't know what anyone is talking about.) She was bummed when her mean parents wouldn't spend $20 for the little slushies in the princess cups that EVERYONE ELSE had. Silly us, we thought just seeing the princesses would be enough:) But then when the show started...
...she forgot about the treat and really enjoyed the whole thing. Especially when Snow White came out because they were dressed the same. Here is Kira with her new princess wand.
Tinkerbell introduced the show with a wave of her magic wand and off we went on a magical adventure.
Aladdin and Jasmine started the show with "A whole new world"
and then the Genie appeared!
Snow White twirled her way through the forrest where she met...
the Seven Dwarfs! They were so cute.
Then Lumiere invited Belle to "Be My Guest,"
and Ariel and Flouder swam their way into Kira's heart. (They were her favorite)
Also, she was so so excited when Sebastian showed up.
Here is Kira watching intently as the prince kisses Sleeping Beauty,
and Cinderella ended the show with a bang - literally - with fireworks and everything. It was so much fun and the girls enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to daddy for a fun night.

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