Saturday, April 19, 2008

A day at Wheeler Farm

My favorite Jenny was in town this past week and so we had a little get together with all of our kids at Wheeler Farm. It was a warm and windy day, perfect for chocolate frosty's from Wendy's - (Thanks for the fun treat Jen!) - and everyone came out clean and neat except for my little Kate who spilled chocolate ALL OVER herself and, with the help of the wind, spilled two of them on the ground:). Also, there were so many cute, cute picture taking opportunities, but my camera was on the fritz and so most of the pictures are really blown out, and then, of course, the batteries died. Just my luck! So even though there isn't a lot of evidence of our fun day, we really did have a lot of fun.

Here we are eating our frosty's.
Kate, Kira, Abby, Jenny, and Hallie in the stroller behind them.

Kira and Abby eating frosty's and sporting the "windblown" look. Abby and Kate feeding the ducks.
Kate didn't really understand the concept of throwing small pieces of bread, so she decided to throw the whole piece in. I'm just grateful that the duck didn't choke to death.
Kira watching the ducks eat all the bread.
Bryce and his first trip ever to Wheeler Farm. I know this isn't the best picture - no animals or anything - but the camera was about to die.
At the end of the day it was all worth it and Kate is living proof that we lived it up inspite of the wind, the chocolate stains and the dirt around the eyes:). We had so much fun hanging with the Hansens. It was fun to see you and we love you lots!


Krista said...

We got Bryce's adorable announcement today. You are so creative. We are coming to the blessing and are excited to see you guys again.

Jenny said...

Oh Megon! We had so much fun even though we almost blew away with all the wind! Just wondering, but did you tell me when you were taking that first picture or did I just accidentally have half my face hidden in a pool of Frosty? We can't wait to see you again! Yay for visiting my best friend (and her cute kids)!!

Amy Jo said...

its amy thurgood-- what is your e-mail address?? so i can send you an invite?? also, we got your fun announcement and would LOVE to be there but Jake's Brother is blessing their baby that sunday too! But we love ya!

my e-mail is

Katie Jane said...
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Katie Jane said...

Megan! Your announcement is SOOOO cute! I need to hire you. Also, I am sad we are going to miss his blessing as it is Addie's birthday. I am sure it will be so neat and I hope we see you soon!