Monday, May 26, 2008

The "2:00 AM" Poem

It's 2:00 am and here I am,
Blogging to stay awake.
My little boy is up again,
Go to sleep for goodness sake!

It's time to dream of sugarplums
And tomorrows adventurous things.
But here I sit in the kitchen,
wondering what the next few hours will bring.

All I want is my cozy bed,
With my covers, oh so warm.
While Brycie kicks in his bouncie seat,
Having so much fun.

I really hope this night

will be over very soon.
But as of now, I look outside
and still can see the moon.

Please go to sleep my little one,
Mom's sanity's at risk.
I'll hold you close, then tuck you in
and give you one last kiss.

Please, oh, please just go to sleep
There's not much more to say.
Except "I love you" lots and lots,
And I hope I make it through Memorial day!

(Yeah! It's a yawn!)


JodiP said...

That is a darling poem. I can't believe you could think at 2am!

Sarah said...

You are much more creative at 2am than I am at anytime of the day.