Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Thought I'd Share Some Smiles

This is my new favorite picture of my three little squirts. This is what I woke up to this morning and the smiles were contagious. How can you not be happy after waking up to three cute smiles like these!

I also wanted to show off Bryce in his "monkey suit" as Kira calls it. I think it is the cutest outfit and Bryce was actually grunting like a little monkey. He is so much fun.


JodiP said...

Darling pics. Gotta enjoy these moments

Krista said...

Your kids are adorable. Bryce is getting so big. I loved th poem too.

Sarah said...

OH! so cute. I can't believe that your kids are getting so big. Sugar loves this picture. She always wants to see Kira on the computer TV.

Krista said...

Hey sorry to post this on your comments. I didn't know your email. I was wondering if you know of any cute digital scrapbook sites that have cute car/road/travel stuff. Thanks!