Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Simple Joys of Mommyhood - Part 2

About a week ago I did a blog on the simple joys of motherhood and for some reason it ended up in the middle of all my posts, so I don't know if anyone saw it, and for that reason I will explain again. Being a mom is lots of hard work but it is also a lot of fun and I thought that I would try to document, and occasionally share, as many of the cute little things that my kids do that make me smile and laugh, so that if I am having a bad "being a mom" day (like today), I can look back and remember that my kids are something to cherish and that I really do love being a mom.

I saw this about a week ago after "quiet time" with Kate. Kira was at school, Bryce was asleep, and I was TIRED, so I layed down by Kate to watch a movie and I fell asleep. When I woke up I went into the kitchen and saw a butter wrapper on the floor. I thought, "this is odd." When I opened the fridge this is what I found! My little butter lover had found out how to open the fridge and get into the butter. It made me laugh.
These next things happened today. I was putting Kate down for a nap and came down into the kitchen to find this...

...13 strawberry tops lined up in a row. Hmm, Now who could have done that?! Of course it was my sweet Kira.
Here are just a couple of pics of Kira and Brycie playing outside. They just warmed my heart.
(Bryce doesn't look to sure about this)
After nap/quiet time, we came into the house and found Kate lounging in her camp chair by the window with her sippy. (If I close my eyes and try really hard I can picture myself in Hawaii, on the beach, sipping a Pina Colada:)) This just made my day. I love the funny, out of the blue things my kids do that spice up each day. I just love them to pieces!


Cory, Julie and Mollie said...

I think your house looks so FUN! Can I come and play sometime? I can't wait for Mollie to think up her own little "projects." Hopefully they don't involve butter though...

Jenny said...

That's not Kira holding Bryce--it's a little Megan holding him! She looks SO much like you!