Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Jazz and Chocolate Ice Cream...

What could be better?! Dave loves the Jazz games and so he bought us YUMMY chocolate icecream from Coldstone and then we all watched the game together. What a fun treat!
Here is Kate showing off her chocolate covered everything - mouth, arm, dress, feet, you name it - it was covered in chocolate:)

Chocolate moustache cheese!
Here is Kira's chocolate moustache,
And showing off that she finished the whole bowl all by herself.
After the icecream we watched the game with daddy. This was so cute of Dave and Bryce watching the game together - father and son. Do you think he's just loving haveing a little guy to share this stuff with? I just ate it up. So cute.

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Walters Family said...

What a nice surprise and a fun treat! It "looks" like everyone really enjoyed it. Good for Dave that the Jazz are still in, as the Suns are out for us.
Love ya guys!