Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well, Peach Days are over but we had so much fun at them. We went to the parade yesterday morning and it was SO LONG - as long as the Days of 47 Parade - but the best part was Bryce's cute wave to every float that went by. He just sat there waving and I was eating it up. He also loved the candy and would get out with all of the big kids to pick it up off of the street. What fun. We also had more Peach Cobbler and Perry Ice, but the BEST part of the day was when Bryce got to go on the Merry Go Round. His smile was bigger than his face and every time he would see us as he went around he would just laugh and laugh - of course I didn't have my camera for that - I could just die that I missed that photo op. Oh well, we had so much fun. Thanks Peach Days.

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