Saturday, September 26, 2009

What a wonderful day for a birthday! Yes, today is my 31 birthday, can you believe it? I, myself, cannot. I am now "in my 30's". Oh my goodness, time flies. Well, I couldn't have asked for a better day. I slept in and stayed in my jammies all morning (okay the jammy thing is an everyday occurance:)) got to go shopping and take a very small nap, read one of my favorite books - Twilight - and then I went on a date with my cute hubby. We went to see "Love Happens" the movie and then went to my favorite restaurant, which happens to be Blimpe, for dinner. I ate my favorite sandwich, had my favorite chips, and then ate my favorite frosted sugar cookie* (*see "things I love" on the left side of this blog). What a fun time. After we got home I went to get us all shakes - I got a fresh peach one - to end the day. My cute kids and hubby got me some fun gifts too. Some halloween socks, a magazine, and MAMA MIA the movie. I just love my birthday. Now we're off to watch MAMA MIA. Goodnight!


Walters Family said...

Wow! Happy Birthday, Girl!!! What a fun, fun day! Sounds like you were treated like a queen! Can't wait to see you in November.

Jodi Powelson said...

Happy Birthday - late!! Oh don't worry about your thirties, I hardly remember from 30 to 31! I'm glad you had a good day you deserve it.

Mickelson Family said... are still so young. Happy "late" Birthday. It sounds like you had great fun.