Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bear Lake Trip

Our annual trip to Bear Lake was interesting this year. Playing at the beach was very fun, but the water was COLD!!! The kids wouldn't even barley get in, except for Kira, and even she only stayed in for a few minutes. Here is our first few minutes at the beach:
Bryce wasn't quite sure of the water...

Kira was off and playing from the first second...
And Kate was her usual unadventurous self and just sat in the chair with a wierd look on her face, but to her credit it wasn't all her fault that she didn't want to get in the water...Kira had just yelled SHARK!!! and scared her to death:)
After a while the kids found a little pond that was warmed up by the sun and so they played in that for the rest of the day.
Kira found a CORONA bottle and that was what she collected sea shells in because mom forgot the plastic bags:)
Kate even got in the Shark infested waters:)
And Bryce loved to splash. All in all it was a fun trip even if we didn't stay the whole two days. Camping with a baby is not very fun:)


Amber said...

Amen! Camping is NOT fun with little ones. Told Ryan, give me 3 yrs and i'll try again. :)

Walters Family said...

It looks so beautiful there. It IS really hard with little ones... they are so out of there element.