Friday, August 28, 2009

I have been looking for some things to do with the kids because summer is winding down and I am all out of ideas. I feel like we've dinosaur parked, zooed, swam to death and I just needed something new to entertain them with. Then I found this list a week or two ago on and I loved the ideas on here for things that you can do inside. (She has more info on each of these if you want to head over there for the her original list.) I know that inside things are more for fall and winter, so here is a head start for next season.

1. Read a book
2. Write a book
3. Act out a book
4. Listen to a book
5. Make a clubhouse
6. Perform a puppet show or play
7. Have a carpet picnic or tea party
8. Make homemade playdough
9. Have the kids help you with chores
10. Bowl down the hall with toilet paper rolls as the pins and balled up socks for the ball
11. Dance around the house
12. Craft on an outdoor table cloth - paint, etc.
13. Write a letter to a friend
14. Have a simple playdate - invite a friend over
15. Play house, shop, restaurant, etc.
16. Rearrange the kids bedroom furniture
17. Make different things out of cardboard boxes
18. Go on a treasure hunt
19. Have the kids help you cook
20. Nothing - have the kids entertain themselves!

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