Friday, August 21, 2009

The last couple of days have been great for blogging entries - a trip to the dentist where Kira DIDN'T scream or cry or run away, YEA! - a trip to the Hogle Zoo with all of the new babies around: the elephant, the giraffee, the snow leopard, and some monkey babies all of which were completley adorable, although my children were not with all of the whining... - and a trip to the Ogden Temple where the primary children in our ward got to touch the temple wall - so cute! But did I remember my camera for any of these fun things. Of course not. So you get a picture of Bryce hanging in the hammock with daddy. He is a total daddy's boy and they love to just "hang" out:)

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Walters Family said...

So adorable!! That cute kid is very photogenic (sp?)!